Download Candy Crush Saga for PC Windows 8/7/XP without Bluestacks

Candy Crush Saga is the most loving and trending game, you might have played this game a lot on your Android device and on social site (Facebook) as well.

But today I will help you to download Candy Crush Saga for PC without Bluestacks via simple guide here and that too free of cost so that you don’t have to pay for anything.

Just get it downloaded and play whenever you want. If you want to download it on your Android smartphones then you can have it via Google play store easily. Clash of Clans for PC is one of the best alternative to this game.

candy crush saga for pc download

But for PC it is not available officially so in this article you will be getting the whole description about the game as well as complete guide to deal with the Candy Crush Saga PC game installation.

Download Candy Crush Saga for PC with BlueStacks

Here I am explaining you the way by which you can download Candy Crush Saga but for Windows OS versions like 7, 8 and 8.1. I will be explaining you step wise which will make it easy for you.

So here are the following steps to get it downloaded-

  • First of all download BlueStacks emulator which will help you to get it downloaded.
  • For this go to BlueStacks file and download the compatible one according to your OS.
  • Now install it and accept the agreement license which is being shown on your computer screen. Once you do, it starts installation. So don’t worry as it will take little time to download all compatible files and databases.
  • Once done click finish and go to main interface of app player.
  • Search the game by typing name of the game that is Candy Crush Saga on the search bar.
  • You will get options related to your search, click on the game and it will start downloading.

Now wait until it’s finished, you will not need to get it install manually as it is done automatically.

Now go to My Apps and you will find all downloaded game there. Click and enjoy your game.

How to get Candy Crush Saga on Computer without Bluestacks?

Well, its really easy to play this game on your computer without Bluestacks i.e with the help of other Android emulator software like Youwave and I have provided the working guide for the same here which you can check out.

Check out this guide which explains on how to play any Android game on PC with YouWave.

Features of the Candy Crush Saga for PC game :

First of all let me tell you about the game.

This game is a creation of developer and let me tell you it is one of the most played games till now. Users are extremely addicted to this game. Showbox for PC is also great app.

candy crush soda saga for pc download

I thought what’s there in this game so I started playing it too and now I am also the one amongst those addicted.

  • Colorful and vibrant graphics with yummy candies all around which seeks your attention naturally.
  • It has 400 levels approximately which are entirely different as they are chapter based.
  • It’s just like matching three or more candies to get your level completed. But let me tell you it gets harder as you move on to next level.

candy crush saga

  • Can be posted on Facebook as well so that you can get life and other benefits.
  • You get boosters when you complete a level which enhances your play.

Now let me come straight to the point as I know you are eagerly waiting for the steps by which you can download Candy Crush Saga on PC.

So here was the whole description as well as guide for download Candy Crush Saga for PC. So enjoy your play free of cost and tell me was this article fruitful for you.

Kik Messenger for PC Download – Kik Online (Windows 7/8/XP)

Hey friends, this tutorial is all about Kik Messenger for PC or Computer Download on Windows 7, Windows 8 easily. Kik Online is also one of the best and amazing app.

When I heard about this application then I wasn’t sure why people are so crazy about this Kik Messenger application and as a tech geek I started using it. WhatsApp for PC is also really amazing android app.

Once I started using it then I really liked this application and I myself got addicted. So guys, welcome this application and start using it. Here I’m sharing a guide on how to download Kik Messenger for PC.

This application is developed and maintained by a registered developer company and you’re definitely going to love using it. It comprise of simple user interface which makes it elegant enough to use without needing any user guide. Even this guide which you’re reading now is simple and I’ll make sure that you don’t find any issues at all.

kik messenger

Download Kik Messenger for PC with Bluestacks?

So finally it’s time to learn how to install it on PC without facing any issues. Only issue you may face will be graphics related so update the graphics driver version of your computer to latest and then follow steps mentioned down here.

  • Firstly download BlueStacks app player on your computer. Its available for free over here.
  • Double click on installer file of BlueStacks and start following on screen instructions as it is. This will quickly install the software and you won’t find any issues at all. It’s an online installation process so total time taken will depend on speed of your internet connection.
  • Start the software and use its search tool (located on top left corner) to find out Kik Messenger application. Click on link mentioned down the search results that will open it on Google play store.
  • Click on Kik Messenger application in search results and then click on ‘install’ option ahead of the app listing among Google play store.
  • At last you’ll be asked to enable synchronization feature of BlueStacks. Simply login with your Google account here to do that and if you don’t trust this software then use a spare Google account.

About Kik Messenger for PC – Kik Online :

Let me now talk about features of Kik Messenger which makes it so popular that millions of users are using it and they aren’t feeling any need to try any alternatives.

It comes with clean and simple to understand user interface which is first factor that increases user experience and makes it top notch. Using Kik Messenger you can send unlimited numbers of texts, share pictures, videos, voice notes and certain supported files within the same conversation. Showbox for PC is also nice app.

All your contacts are saved and there is no need to login again and again. It uses lots of cryptography algorithms that provide complete privacy to the data included within this app. So as a user all your data is completely protected and you’ll never hear of any leaks.

kik messenger for pc

There is no advertisement served within the app which clearly means that there is nothing within which can hurt that top notch user experience. In short, this is the best messaging app which comes with modern days feature and you’re definitely going to love using it. Just make sure that you’ve enough friends using Kik Messenger and then no need to look back.

That’s it! I hope the installation is over without any issues and you’re going to share this guide on how to download Kik Messenger for PC with all of your friends, also Kik Online (Messenger) is nice option. Please keep on visiting Apps for PC Zap.

Snapchat for PC Download – Snapchat Online (Windows 7/8/XP)

Today we are presenting this tutorial to get Snapchat for PC Download on Windows 7, Windows 8 also you will be able to use Snapchat Online very much easily.

Snapchat is one app which is extremely popular when it comes to taking selfies and sharing it with your friends. It’s one of those apps which are extremely simple yet popular.

Here is the guide to learn how to download Snapchat for PC and its going to support all Windows 7/8/XP OS versions running computers and laptops. If you face any issues then simply write it in the comment section down this guide and I’ll provide the solution ASAP. WhatsApp for PC is also one of the best similar app like Snapchat.

So this guide comes with a dedicated support system which is managed by our writing team only. In short, you don’t need to worry about anything once you start following this guide as I’m mentioning down here.

snapchat for pc download

About Snapchat for PC – Snapchat Online :

Snapchat is the app which is available only for Android and iOS platform devices for now but there is no official PC version. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use it on PC and I’m sharing the same formula that is going to provide you a legit way to install Snapchat on PC.

This app is simple enough and a clear selfie taking app. There are three steps involved using this app. Take a picture using camera of your device but use Snapchat app only for that.

Once picture is ready then write appropriate and funny caption and then share it with all of your friends. WeChat for PC is also great app.

All the friends on Snapchat will get that picture you shared just now and they will have a limited time to comment and talk about it. Then it will be deleted permanently from the server.

This is the fun of Snapchat as we got limited time to react. So if you’re having a good group of friends who are extremely funny then using this app for fun purpose just turns into Gold and you’re definitely going to get addicted. Showbox for PC is also amazing app.

It got extremely simple and elegant user interface so you’re not going to find any issues at all while using this app for its purpose. It also comes with dedicated help support system within that can be used in case of need for assistance.

snapchat for ipad download

How to Download Snapchat for PC without Bluestacks?

Now let’s start with the installation process and all you need to do here is to follow the steps mentioned down here as it is.

  • Update the graphics driver version of your computer or laptop to latest available version first.
  • Next is to download YouWave software on your computer from this link over here. It’s a genuine software which comes with free trial feature for first 10 days.
  • Double click on installer file of YouWave to start its installation process and follow on screen instructions as you see in there to get it completely installed.
  • Start the software and choose ‘Free Trial’ option right there. Start the software and it will be running within few seconds.
  • Launch Browser app available right in there and open Google play store’s official website ( using that.
  • Now use search tool of Google play store to find out Snapchat Android app and click on the search result you see in there. Click on ‘install’ option which is right there in front of the app.
  • At last login using a Google account when asked and once login is done then the app will be downloaded and then installed automatically.

This is the whole process and I hope it was simple enough and you didn’t faced any issues. Don’t forget to share this guide which guides you to download Snapchat for PC or Computer easily. Also you can use Snapchat Online very easily. Please keep on visiting Apps for PC Zap.

Retrica for PC Download on Windows 8/8.1/7 – Retrica Online

Hi friends, this guide is all about how to download Retrica for PC or Computer which is all available on Windows 7, Windows 8. You will be able to use Retrica Online easily.

Retrica is that app which every photo editor should be using who is eager to share his/her pictures to social networks. When it comes to selfie then whole world is going insane and Retrica is one of the best selfie pictures taking app out there for smartphones. Showbox for PC is also really amazing app.

The app is available for Android and iOS platform but requires at least middle-end device. If you’re not having a compatible device then simply follow this guide as here I’m sharing process to get Retrica for PC download.


About Retrica for PC – Retrica Online

Retrica is the app which you all should be using when it comes to customizing any picture. The DNA of this app is its simplicity and if it runs on a high-end device then it runs smoothly.

It got simple, elegant and crisp looking user interface which helps users to quickly understand how to use this app for its purpose and also they are going to learn using it after using it for once.

retrica for pc dowload

Social sharing tools are also there inside using which once customization is done from your side then you can quickly share the pictures directly to any social network you mostly care.

There are hundreds of filters and effects available and mostly are retro ones which are the one you’re looking for (I’m aware of it). Out of all available options within, most of them are for free while paid ones are also there.

Download Retrica for PC or Computer – Retrica Online

As I promised in starting itself that I’ll let you know how to install Retrica on PC, so here I’m with the process that is going to convey exactly as I’m writing below.

Get ready with your computer running on latest graphics version and start following steps mentioned down here as it is. If you go as I tell you then you won’t find any errors or issues.

  • BlueStacks is the software you need to download to make it happen. So if it’s already installed then skip first two points other download it from this link.


  • Once downloaded, double click on installer file which will run its installation process. Simply follow on screen instructions and that will end up things from your side. It will take some time, depending on speed of your internet connection.


  • Start the software when it’s installed completely and using its search tool which is located on top left corner, find out Retrica application.


  • Once you found the app in search results then click on it to open it inside the Google play store. Now click on ‘install’ option ahead there.


  • Everything is almost done. Lastly you’ll be asked to login into Google account to enable synchronization feature and as you must be aware it’s a must to use any Android device.


So I hope the process was simple enough and we have reached to its end. The app will be ready anytime at your system and you can launch it from BlueStacks like you started using its search tool.

Start using Retrica on PC now to customize every picture you’re having and make it look completely unique. Provide pictures to this app and it will do its magic simply by tapping on any particular effect you got within.

I hope this guide to get Retrica for PC download helped you and you’re going to share it with your friends over every social network. Cheers. I think you are really enjoying Retrica Online on your Windows 7, Windows 8 Computer. Please visit Apps for PC Zap.

How to Play Android Games on PC with BlueStacks?

Out of many available ways to use Android OS on computer, the best way out is via using Android emulator softwares. Once you’ve any good emulator software then you need not to worry about anything as then using it to use Android OS is just like using an Android device which you’re already familiar with. The reason why I’m writing this guide is to share here a tutorial on how to play Android games on PC with BlueStacks.

This guide is going to support all Windows OS running computers and laptops and you’re not going to meet any sort of issues at all. I’m going to write this guide in simple way so that any one of you whether having knowledge of computers (I mean extreme knowledge) or not, you’ll be able to go through it with ease.

play android games on pc with bluestacks

While using BlueStacks common error which users faces is that it doesn’t get installed and reflects a graphics card related error. So the best way to sort that out and make sure it doesn’t appear at your end is to update the graphics driver version of your computer or laptop to latest available version. This will fix the issue and I recommend you to try it before starting with the installation instructions.

Once BlueStacks is ready to use then using it is pretty simple and you can then play any Android game with ease. The installation process of game within this software is just like using an Android device so you need not to worry about.

How to Play Android Games on PC with BlueStacks

So let me start with the installation instructions directly now and all you need to do is to simply follow the instructions as mentioned down here.

  • First thing to do off course is to download the installer file of BlueStacks app player. You can get it downloaded from its online website for free and it’s a trusted software which is used by millions of users.


  • Next is to double click on the installer file you downloaded just now and then start following on screen instructions as it is to get the job done. Within few minutes of time (actual time depends on internet connection speed at your end) this software will be ready.


  • Once everything is done of installation, then double click on BlueStacks’s desktop shortcut to launch this software. It will start running within few seconds.


  • Now click on game you found in search result which is labeled as search on Google play store. The game will open up in the Google play store then.
  • It will open a search tool on top while rest of the screen is black. Type in the name of game you want to download here, no need to hit enter or click anywhere.
  • Within the user interface of this software, you’ll see a search tool on first. Click on that.
  • Now you need to click on ‘install’ option ahead of the game listing within Google play store to finalize the process from your end.
  • At last, you’ll be asked to login within using your Google account. So do that and things will be done from your side now.

Within few minutes (depending on size of game) it will be downloaded and then installed automatically. You will find its shortcut within the BlueStacks then and can be started anytime you wish to play.

I hope this guide covering tutorial on how to play Android games on PC with BlueStacks was easy and you’re finally happy to deal with it at ease.

WeChat for PC Download on Windows 8/7/XP without Bluestacks

WeChat is the one of the most popular messenger app. Before this we have told you about WhatsApp and today I am going to help you on how to download WeChat for PC.

Being a good alternative to other social messaging apps it provides great flexibility to you to get entertained with features like voice messages, video calling, different stickers and many more.

Come with me through this guide and I can bet that you’ll find it worth sharing on social networks. Showbox for PC is one of the best app which you must try out.

About WeChat for PC App :

You might have used WeChat on your android devices earlier but what if you don’t have your mobile with you and you want to use these social apps. So to avoid this and provide ease you can go for downloading WeChat on PC which is definitely a good idea.

It provides you with many distinct features when used like-

  • Being an instant messenger you get communicated with your friends, relatives or known persons quickly.

wechat bluestacks 1

  • You can do video calling, voice calling in no time and can have words with them even if internet connection is not that good.
  • You can share image, sounds and even group chats can be done and these can be send easily via WeChat.
  • Searching your friends or if your friends wants to search you then they can do it easily either by your phone number or by unique ID which is being provided by WeChat.

wechat bluestacks 2

  • You get notifications so that you cannot miss any person’s messages and let me tell you they are steadfast.
  • You get many features like hiding your phone number, image etc so that no one can misuse it and you are totally secured without worries. 

    You even get login passwords and ID. This is when you login with Facebook or your WeChat ID.

How to Download WeChat for PC with Bluestacks?

Downloading WeChat on PC needs to be followed by following steps mentioned below as it cannot be downloaded directly so you need android emulator for that.

But these particular settings are for Windows operating system for versions like 7, 8 and XP. So let’s see how it works-

  • Download BlueStacks emulator app player, this app player allows you to download different games and apps for your PC and to download it visit its site and if you are already having BlueStacks with you then precede to another step.


  • Double click on installer file and start following step by step instructions you see there. This will complete the installation process of BlueStacks on your system.


  • Launch the software and search WeChat in the search bar of BlueStacks app player. You can find search tool on top left corner.


  • Once you get the app in search results then click on it. It will open now in Google play store where you need to finally click on ‘install’ option.


  • Its installation process will be done automatically and you just wait till the process is finished. At last you’ll be asked to login with your Google account, so do that accordingly.


When it will be installed go to My App section of BlueStacks and you will find WeChat icon there and just click upon it to get it started. It was so easy to download WeChat for PC, isn’t it?

How to Install WeChat on PC without Bluestacks?

You can easily use WeChat app on computer without any issue with the help of Youwave Android Emulator, I have given the working guide here with the help of which you will able to use any type of Android App on Computer without any problem, so please check out this guide to install WeChat app on Computer with YouWave.

Tell me about your experience with WeChat app and don’t forget to tell it to your friends even. I am sure you might have liked this article and this would have been proved to be helpful to you and if you liked this then let me know your reviews about it. Please keep on visiting Apps for PC Zap

Play Android Games on Computer using YouWave (Guide)

YouWave is one and only premium Android emulator available for users and it’s totally worth the price you’ll be asked to pay for it. It also offers free trial for first 10 days and if you trust on cracking softwares then you can do that as well and continue using it for free. In this guide here I’ll be writing process to play Android games on computer using YouWave.

This guide is going to support all versions of Windows which came later to XP but make sure that your computer or laptop is running on latest version of graphics driver. This is because Android OS uses latest versions of graphics elements and so your PC should be compatible with that.

This guide is going to be simple enough that you’ll remember it in future and you’ll be able to deal with the process again without using this guide. I just need to know if it helped you or not so mention your review in the comment section beneath this guide.

Play Android Games on Computer using YouWave

All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned down here as it is.

  • First thing to do is to download the YouWave software’s installer file which is available over here. You can download this installer file for free and it’s an official source to get it.


  • Once the installer file is there downloaded completely (it will take some time depending on internet connection speed since its an offline installer) then double click on installer file that will open its installation process.


  • Simply follow the instructions there on your screen like Next, Next till you reach the Finish option. Once finished the software will be ready to use.


  • Launch the software using its desktop shortcut and then choose Free Trial option from the pop-up so that you can continue using it for free initially for now.


  • Within few seconds next the software will be ready to use. Launch the Browser application from list of apps you see in there. Using YouWave now is just like using an Android device, so nothing new to worry.


  • Open Google play store and search for any game you wish to install using its search tool. Open the game then.youwave6
  • At last click on install option ahead of the game there and then you’ll be asked to login within using a Google account to provide access to Google’s ecosystem.

That’s it! The process to play Android games on computer using YouWave is over and you need not to take on anything for now. The game will be simply installed automatically just like happens on an Android device.

I hope you’re going to share this guide over Google+, Twitter, Facebook or any other social network you’re using and this will help all your friends to know about this method of playing Android games on PC.

Both keyboard and mouse will be working with YouWave, so nothing to worry if you don’t have a touchscreen display. Also visit Apps for PC Zap.

Little Empire for PC (Windows 7/8) Computer Download

Little Empire has been developed by Camel Games and has been hailed comprehensively by the critics. There is no stopping to this game and people are already feeling the storm of Little Empire in the gaming arena.The storm have result in Little Empire for PC availble for Windows as well as Mac

It already has millions of fans to its database. The smartphone users can avail Little Empire with the help of Google Play Store, while on the other hand, the PC users need to install BlueStacks in order to enjoy its services.

It has not been a great spare since the game was launched in the market and right from the inception, it has been creating a huge buzz. This has been possible due to the credibility “Camel Games” carries in the market and also because of their marketing strategies.

The unique gameplay and intuitive graphics also add to the magnificence of the game. It is regarded as one of the best strategy games that have surfaced in the industry so far.

little empire for pc

The best part about Little Empire is that the game does not only synchronize well with Android and PC’s but also other operating systems too. It is highly addictive in nature and becomes hard to get your eyes off the game. In the strategy niche, this game has no real competitor and it dominates by its word in the market.

Little Empire for PC:

  1. There are no hidden charges once you start playing Little Empire on your PC and it remains to be the best feature of the game.
  2. The in-app purchasing scheme makes you pay for some items in the game though. However, it is strictly your choice if you want to purchase them or not.
  3. The graphics of the game are of utmost quality.
  4. You can choose from three different characters in the game based on your requirement.
  5. Each of the character has its own special power and strengths; you can utilize all those strengths in the game.
  6.  There are rewards for your performance in the game and hence, it keeps you involved.

Downloading Little Empire for PC:

Little Empire is an android game and hence it needs to have a special software for downloading. We decode this software to be BlueStacks, which is basically an android emulator. These softwares are needed to surface any android app on your PC.

Here are the steps for the same:

  1. In the first run, you must get the original copy of BlueStacks from its official website.
  2. Once BlueStacks has been downloaded, you can move over to run it on your PC.
  3. Go to its search box and try typing name of the app that you need in your computer.
  4. In this case, simply type the name of “Little Empire” and click on Ok.
  5. You need to wait for a few moments before the results are displayed.
  6. Kindly tap/click on the Install button to proceed with the downloading of the game. It takes just a few moments.

MX Player for PC (Windows 7/8) Download Tutorial

The surge of smartphones in the industry has paved way to many media players. However, only some of them could outshine the rest in the hefty competition. People want MX Player for PC as it is One of the bright media players that came out in the market recently. No other media player in the recent times has developed a reputation as MX player.

The interface of the player calls for excellence and it is way different than the other players in the market. It works extremely well on the android platform.

mx player for pc

Its success on the android smartphones has forced the developers to launch its PC version as well. It can be downloaded by the users with the help of an android emulator.

Before jumping on to its download process, let us first discuss some of its salient features:

  1. MX Player synchronizes with almost all the devices and operating systems in the market. This is one of the standout features of the anticipated media player.
  2. Low end smartphones as well as the high end smartphones, both can avail the benefits of MX players given that it integrates well with both. The only difference lies in the downloading part. On one hand, the high end devices can easily avail MX Player by direct download while on the other hand, low end devices need to have a supporting app in order to download the media player.
  3. Its user interface is very interactive and simple.
  4. The screen gestures are very well supported in the media player. The tracks can be changed, forwarded, rewinded using the gestures.
  5. The MX media player also supports subtitles in the tracks making the user understand the lyrics of the song in an easy manner. While watching movies in unfamiliar language, the subtitle feature comes out to be very handy.
  6. It also features a child lock using which the parents can lock the inappropriate content for their children. It can be turned on very easily.

Downloading MX Player for PC:

MX Player is a very popular android app. It can also be downloaded for PC using an android emulator. The android emulator that is usually taken in consideration for the installation of MX player is BlueStacks installer. It can be used to download any android app that you require in your PC without any hassles.

Here are the steps following which you can download MX Player for PC:

  1. The first step required to download “MX Player for PC” is to install the BlueStacks Installer on the computer.
  2. After installing BlueStacks installer, you can try to search for MX Player for PC in the search box of the installer.
  3. It displays results with “MX Player for PC” icon and an install button situated nearby.
  4. Click on the install button and wait for a few minutes. The MX Player for PC app has thus been downloaded on your PC.
  5. You can run this app by going to the “My Apps” section of BlueStacks and clicking on the MX Player for PC.

Samurai Siege for PC (Windows 7/8) Computer Download

Samurai Siege has been developed by Space Ape Games Developer that is ranked among the top android game makers in the market. Samurai Siege has been their anticipated project and they had been spending weeks for making it as interesting as possible. Its surprise!! you can download Samurai Siege for PC.

There was a great buzz in the market upon its release, thanks to the credibility Space Ace Games developer carries in the industry and also the marketing tactics employed by them.

Samurai Siege has already been downloaded by as many as 3 million users and the number is ascending every day. The word to mouth publicity is also responsible for the phenomenal success of the game. You can download Samurai Siege by going to the Google Play Store and selecting the Strategy category.

However, if you are a PC user, you need to have access to the APK files in order to download Samurai Siege. It is an easy process, but before jotting it down we will shortly discuss the features of Samurai Siege.

samurai siege pc

Samurai Siege got 4+ ratings from almost all the gaming critics in the industry; such is the class and market say of this game. The graphics and the sound effects of the game make it even more special.

It possesses the in-app purchasing feature with the help of which you can move the levels up without any difficulty. Apart from all these features, Samurai Siege can be availed for free and there are no hidden charges involved with its download.

Samurai Siege:

  1. The graphic essence and the audio effects of the game are next to none and call for excellence.
  2. The game environment is quality rich and playing the game is a soothe experience.
  3. Mastering the game requires some efforts and hence it keeps the user involved with the game.
  4. You can create your own empire with the resources that are available to you.
  5. Build troops and upgrade the main characters in order to perform better in the game.

How to download Samurai Siege for PC:

Samurai Siege is an android game and hence it requires the services of APK files for installation on PC. The process is very easy and endorsed by most of the gamers than not. Here are the steps defining the process of downloading Samurai Siege for PC:

  1. Copy the APK files on your memory card as the first step.
  2. Once you have copied those files, try to move the memory card and place it into your PC/ system.
  3. The most important step now, is to download an app installer that catalyzes the installation of android apps in your PC.
  4. After it, select the APK file that you intend to download in your PC and click on Ok.
  5. The process takes some time and the game is surfaced on your PC without any hassles therefore.